STL understands the opportunities that low-cost sensors and data communication can offer. Drawing on our experience of distributed autonomous sensors and satellite communication. We offer clients the ability to accelerate the implementation of industrial IoT. Working with a range of sensor suppliers we combine low cost, low power draw sensors, with satellite or cellular communication to provide real-time information on the performance of your systems. Once the data is captured and consolidated STL can develop algorithms to process and refine the data, providing insights and allowing you to make better business decisions. Relevant real time data allows fine tuning of process efficiency by helping you to understand the underlying connections between process inputs and outputs.

Maintenance costs (both reactive and planned) can cut by applying IIoT principles to complex distributed systems by:

1. Reactive maintenance costs and associated downtime are reduced by cutting the time taken for disruption in your process to be noticed.

2. Intelligent, custom user interfaces allow the right data to be highlighted immediately to the relevant user.

3. A large number of low cost sensors distributed throughout your system allows immediate pinpointing of the cause of a problem.

Lean predictive maintenance can be acheived by learning algorithms that find connections between data streams to forecast when a system will fail. As more data is analysed over time, these systems improve forecast accuracy reducing downtime and highlighting areas that may require replacement.

STL has the ability to help you deliver improved process continuity, reduced costs and a better customer experience through the application of the Industrial IoT.

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