STL Technology has the capability to quickly and reliably deliver simulation and modelling solutionsDrawing on the extensive experience of our engineering team and consultants. We work with clients to develop virtual copies of their products or processes. These can be used to rapidly improve performance without the need for real-world testing.  

Computer simulation, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can drastically reduce product development time by allowing experiments to be carried out in machine. Modifications can then be carried out and re-tested to improve performance. 

Another, more advanced, approach is to test a large number of design variants in machine to develop an understanding of the design space that your product inhabits. This allows designers to identify parts of the design space in which small changes in geometry or inputs would leads to a large change in output performance. Once designers have identified these parts of the design space in which performance is on a knife edge these areas can be avoided in favour of a part of the design space in which performance is more stable. This strategy can greatly reduce development time, reduce manufacturing complexity and improve reliability of the final product. 

STL has the expertise to deliver simulation and modelling solutions that will reduce program cost and create exceptional customer experience.

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 STL’s agile and flexible approach supports complex design, development and research across a range of industries. Consulting with STL allows you to use our pool of engineering talent to remove roadblocks to innovation and inject transformative knowledge directly into your organisation.

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