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STL Tech is a technology development company focused on supporting innovation in advanced engineering industries covering aerospace, automotive, space, renewables and the marine sectors. The firm’s expertise lies in its growing resources in the field of condition and structural health monitoring, software, simulation and modelling. STL focuses on a requirements lead approach from its customers, engaging with the largest global engineering primes to understand their innovation challenges. STL have excellent links to research organisations and universities, and have an extensive understanding of the most promising emerging technologies. STL works with the ‘technology pull’ from a large organisation to devise a technology development programme to take a system from promising early stage demonstrator to formal prototype, built to the expected standard.  

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STL’s agile and flexible approach supports complex design, development and research across a range of industries. Consulting with STL allows you to use our pool of engineering talent to remove roadblocks to innovation and inject transformative knowledge directly into your organisation.

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